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Virtualization Benefits

  • Server consolidation – reduced power and space requirements.
  • Snapshots – snapshot and roll-back servers prior to updates, patches, and upgrades.
  • Cloning – clone entire servers with a few mouse clicks.
  • Hardware agnostic – HP? Dell? IBM? It does not matter!
  • Virtual machine migration – live virtual machines can be moved from host to host with no downtime incurred should a host need to be serviced or upgraded.
  • High availability
  • Backups – virtualized backup solutions can recover complete virtual machines or files – fast!
  • Easy and fast deployment of new servers – new servers can be deployed from a clone or template without physically setting up any new hardware.
  • Disaster recovery – rebuilding or restoring a virtual machine or an entire site is much faster and easier in a virtualized environment.

Virtualisation of networking, storage and servers provides the foundation of data centre transformation and a simple, highly effective way to support the changing needs of a dynamic business. Virtualisation reduces the complexity of physical hardware and storage, boosts efficiency and streamlines processes.

Business potential in your hands
A-One  introduces new management capabilities for greater control and visibility, giving an end-to-end view of the architecture, performance and capacity. Having IT services built on a highly virtualised infrastructure gives the ability to introduce new services rapidly, and migrate them with ease into highly protected environments. The real power of virtualised IT services is realised when considering a wholesale or partial move to cloud-provided infrastructure.

We approach virtualisation through a number of services:
Service: Infrastructure-as-a-Service(virtualised server, storage, networking and security).
Design and build: Virtual server, storage, networking, security, resilience, consolidation, migration.
Optimise: Integration of shared public cloud services.
Manage: Visualisation and monitoring of all on-premise and cloud-based virtualised IT services to provide service assurance.

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