Disaster recovery service

A-One review and report will cover the following:

Assesement – Our experienced Engineers will make qualitative assessments of your current IT capabilities against your business objectives for recovery.Our consultants will assess the recovering business operations following a disaster or unplanned outage. There will be a focus on the importance, understanding and acceptance of RTO’s (Recovery Time Objectives – how quickly a service can be recovered) and RPO’s (Recovery Point Objectives – the point in time to which a service must be recoverable) across the business.

Recovery Plan  – This analyses the methodology for creating, maintaining and testing service recovery plans against industry recognised best practices. It includes a review of the recovery plan(s) for completeness, and a review of recent test results. Whilst focussing on the need for integration with change control, regular testing and continuous improvement.

Recovery Systems – This assesses the suitability of the current IT solutions in meeting the target RPO’s and RTO’s.

Recommendations – Finally, our consultants list out the recommendations under each heading above, providing a next step/call to action on each and where possible indicative resources needed to fulfil these changes.

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