Co sourcing and IT outsourcing services

Co sourcing and IT outsourcing services


We deliver completely flexible outsourced IT services to the most agile, forward-thinking businesses in the mid-market. We understand that dynamic businesses need freedom to flex strategically without the shackles of high-risk IT.

Outsourcing isn’t a package: it’s the highest level of service we provide to our customers. And because service is about flexibility above all else, we deliver our services however, wherever, at whatever level feels right for you.

Simple IT outsourcing


We cut through the complexity to deliver supportive IT strategies shaped around your business vision to create breathing room where it counts, when it counts. Whatever stage your business is at, we make it simple. We can host it, manage it, build it, deliver it – in house, off-site, with your team or without them. We work to your comfort levels: no pressure, no ultimatums. Our services work around the component parts of your business – people, infrastructure and applications.

Complete flexibility


If you want to start small, that’s fine by us. We can take responsibility for a particular area of your business IT, and if your business changes, our service can flex to accommodate you.

If you need to react quickly – sudden growth, market changes, rapidly shrinking margins – outsourcing can provide a quick tactical response at any level that suits.

And if you want the weight of IT responsibility off your shoulders for uncompromised strategic focus and a highly competitive IT strategy, our expertise will deliver it with fully accredited, world-class service for total peace of mind.

Key benefits of our outsourced IT services


Freed-up capital and zero commitment to carry the weight of hardware and software assets

Stabilised, predictable monthly costs

A productive staff supported by appropriate technology

Use A-One Net’s scale to streamline processes, reduce risks and focus on increasing efficiency for the business

Provide accurate business insight from a strategic perspective

On-hand expertise to cover talent deficit

Agility to respond fast to market or technology developments


An IT strategy that builds towards your strategic objectives

Premium Support

Our top of the line  service offers immediate support for business-critical environments with 24/7 on-site responses and rush delivery of replacement parts.

Standard Support

Standard support offers prompt on-site response to disruptive issues, and preventive maintenance and microcode updates during local business hours.

Weekday Basic Support

Weekday Basic support covers essential operations. We provide routine maintenance during local business hours and next-business-day on-site support.

Multivendor Support

Discover greater efficiencies with centralized support for your storage system migration.

Data and Media Eradication

Make sensitive data inaccessible with media eradication, destruction or
e-waste management.

Media Retention

Safeguard your sensitive data, prevent external disclosure and meet security requirements.

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