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A-One a Technology Oriented Company 


Providing Powerful and Innovative IT Solutions and Technical Support.


The quality and excellence of our technical services and experience will make A-One the undisputed leader in the IT Technical Support and Services in our industry.

By focusing our training efforts on the latest technology in networking, voice data and self-service equipment we provide the competitive advantage you need to compete in today’s business market while guaranteeing future flexibility.We invite you to give us a call for any of your IT needs.

We look forward to working with you in your pursuit of your objectives and business goals.

Why Choosing Us

is the  Smart Move


Our Engineers are trained constantly to keep up with all new technologies and trends in our industry. But  also help our clients to understand better the safe way to use technology  through hands-on experience, seminars and trainings.

Low-risk Strategy

We clearly understand, that you want not to lose, but to earn more money over your period of work with us. That’s why we reject all high-risk endeavors, that may lead to a fast stack of cash for the first time but to a principal capital’s loss the second time. We base our advice only on low-risk operations and estimates. And we urge our clients to invest in technologies that they need and not what the market demands.


Our Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions keep everything safe and secure. Following tested procedures and techniques we can not only reassure but prove that our solutions are reliable and there when needed most.


Median y-b-y growth our clients businesses show


Median sales rise after 5 years of our services


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